Advance Premium Plan

Advance Premium Plan


The support staff at Best Buy Solutions is highly professional. The Application Management support services provided by Best Buy Solutions range from the setup and installation of computers to virus removal and the optimization of system speed. Best Buy Solutionss technicians help customers to set up and install an operating system and configure its settings. We feel happy in assisting our customers and ensuring they get quality services from our side. Total client satisfaction is what we believe in. Since our inception, we have believed that quality services are our utmost priority and our clients have been very happy after receiving our support services.

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Best Buy SolutionsT Incidence Advance Support Plan include all issue related to networking and connectivity.

  • Back up of systems.
  • Universal plug and play.
  • Setting up of Ethernets.
  • Wireless technical support.
  • Resolving Router Firewall issues.
  • Bridging up two or more computer.
  • Fixing up broken DNS Relay function.
  • Dealing with Network Channel interference.
  • Setting up of Netgear / Belkin / Linksys Wireless routers.
  • Installation of Wired and Wireless Home and Office Networks.
  • Setting up and configuration of your Netgear / Belkin / Linksys routers.
  • Solutions to the problems will given on a priority basis.
  • Customers to this plan will be treated as a VALUED Customers.


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